Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#TastyTuesday Party!!

Hey guys!  I am super excited to be bringing #TastyTuesday to ya this week!!  One of my blog friends, Anyonita - from Anyonita Nibbles - put together this fantastic link party!  #TastyTuesday is thrown out into the interweb universe by 15+ bloggers each week. 

What’s a link party, you may be asking?  It’s simply a show and tell for bloggers to share their fantastic recipes, craft, projects, etc….a virtual showcase!   Don’t have a post to link up, no problem!!  #TastyTuesday is like one-stop-shopping for you blog surfers; there are hundreds(!!) of  links all in one location to keep you occupied and clicking for, like, everrrrrr!!

Ain't no party like a Pinterest party, cause a Pinterest party never quits (say whaaaat?) Oh yeah, #TastyTuesday is also a Pinterest driven party…..a Pinterest-A-Palooza, if you will.  You link it, we pin it!  Boom!!!  Our #TastyTuesday Pinterest Board has quite the following… you links will also be getting some #pinluv from #TastyTuesday, as well.  You’re welcome J

Here are the #TastyTuesday rules…….

Here is the #TastyTuesday promise…..

Let the #TastyTuesday linking, pinning and clicking commence!!!  Muuuhhooohhhaaaaaaaaaa!!! 

Sorry, I’ve always wanted to commence something.

An InLinkz Link-up



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