Sunday, April 27, 2014

Remembering Notch

This post isn't about food, it's about a little someone who made Soliloquy Of Food & Such possible.  Notch has made many appearances in my posts; here on the blog, and also on my social media accounts.  He was forever making our days happier, seemingly with just the wag a tail.  Not only was he my official taste-tester (as long as it was doggie safe), he was center of our world.

I'd like to share this post for all my family and friends that loved Notch.  They are just as shocked, just as upset, and just as saddened to learn of the passing of our dear friend.  

As long as he was with someone, he was happy.  If he could snuggle with them, even better.  He loved to tunnel in blankets (just like a ferret), and slept in our bed with us every night...and most of the next day, too.  He was couch potato one minute, then the next running and pulling us down the road like a little Tasmanian Devil on a leash.  

When he wasn't hunkered down somewhere, his next favorite thing was food.  He was always supervising me when taking blog pics.  Five second rule?  Pffffph - yeah right.  He was a fantastic picker-upper; I dropped food on the floor and in .89 seconds it was GONE.  Unless it was a pretzel or a saltine cracker...he didn't much care for those.  

He was jostled around much during the first year of his life, but once he found us, or we found him, that was rectified.  He lived a happy life with us for twelve years.  He traveled everywhere we did, more than most people do!  We traveled all throughout New England, cross-country to the Canadian Prairie, then throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, and back again to New England.  He started with us on our current journey to Alaska; we now take him with us in our hearts and in our memories.  

He was a little dog with an intense personality.  When he loved you, he intensely loved you; when he was naughty, he was intensely naughty, when he was excited, he was intensely excited; when he was  attentive, he was intensely attentive.   He gave 110% on everything that he did. 

Knowing that he was loved, we held is paw, one in each or our hands as he left us.  He was in no pain, nor was there suffering.  We all have a little guy waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge.  

Thank you for loving him.

Notch-Johnson Vealey 2002-2014



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