Monday, April 28, 2014

Hatsie's Sesame Chicken

Sesame Chicken is something I never seem to order when I go out.  I don't order Chinese/Thai at all actually, due to Sean's allergies.  I have successfully recreated some of my favorite dishes for him in the past....but never sesame chicken.  Challenge Accepted!!

Hatsie's Sesame Chicken -

When I saw this Sesame Chicken on Hatsie's blog, Two Recipes, a few weeks ago - it looked simply stunning.  I had all the components for this in my kitchen, right down to the sesame seeds.  I just had to make it......and I did.  Twice!

Hatsie's Sesame Chicken -

If you're looking for a new way to prepare boneless chicken, here it is.  I start a small pot of water for the rice; while that's going I chop the chicken and throw that in a skillet.  Whisk up some sauce, chop scallions....boom!  Done.

Hatsie's Sesame Chicken -

I doubled up on the amount of sesame oil, and garlic powder, skipped the onion powder, and used white vinegar.  I had no rice vinegar and seeing how it is a little more mellow than the white, I just used a little less.

Hatsie's Sesame Chicken -

Both times as this was cooking Sean was immpatiently eagerly waiting.  The second the sauce hits the hot pan it's like an queue for taste buds to start singing.  And they do...they want this.... and they want it now...on a bed of rice, and garnished with scallions and sesame seeds....liberal amounts of sesame seeds.....please and thank you (taste buds have manners, they were brought up right).

Hatsie's Sesame Chicken -

To get the recipe for this dish visit >>Two Recipes<<
Go.  go now.  Taste buds, remember?

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  1. This sounds awesome, Kim! I have yet to find a Chinese restaurant I actually like here in the valley, so homemade is all I've got to go on right now! Pinned!



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