Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Winter In Limbo (Part 2)'s part 2.  We're still in limbo, but things are starting to look up!  

January 2014
Charlestown, Rhode Island

Notch HATES THE BEACH.  He hates the sand, he hates the surf, he hates the is too much for this little dude to handle.  He's much happier kicking back on a sofa with me in my pj's for the day (he really DOES prefer me in my pj's to street clothes). 

Total attack mode.....get those waves!

We took advantage of this sunny January day; it was nice to get out.  

January 2014 
Cranston, Rhode Island

Bowling anyone?  We spent this snow day with friends, school and work was cancelled!!  Sean got a little too competitive in his two-toned shoes.  

February 2014
Quoddy Light House, Lubec, Maine

The view from the entrance gate, closed this time of year.

We left some prints in the snow; we were the only ones there.

Another beautiful sunny day at the beach....cold(!), but sunny.

Not pictured, but one of the coolest things seen....two bald eagles hanging out on the frozen bay, during low tide, fishing for lunch. 

Quoddy Light House, the Eastern most point in the entire USA!!

February 2014
Roque Bluffs, Maine

Across the street,  Roque Bluffs State Park boasts a 60 acres fresh water pond.  If you are Downeast, check it out - seems like a cool stop.  

February 2014
Mount Dessert Island, Maine

The frozen bay coming onto the island.

A grey day...or, a gray day....which is correct?  You decide.

A Maine staple for a picnic lunch, macaroni and cheese loaf!  Okay, I know what your thinking, and yes, it was delicious.

The lobster boats in Southwest Harbor.  These guys work all year long, and were the only people we encountered on this side of MDI (besides the Deli guy at Hannaford who sliced my mac n cheese loaf).

February 2013
Galilee, Rhode Island

We were actually sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time!

We come here often to watch the boats, it's one of our thaaangs; nautical meditation.  

The guys on the boats always wave and humor truckers honking their horns when given the international fist-bumping trucker's air horn salute.

The calm before the storm.  The next day we got hammered with the mother of all Arctic-Thunder-Supersize-Vortex-Operation-Snowball storms.....we got, like, 4 inches.  4 INCHES!!

Big Bird must have sensed the change in barometric pressure, she was in rare for that morning.

FYI, we will shovel for Munroe Dairy Strawberry Milk!

"Gizbot", AKA, Gizmo.  Sean and I have been staying with my mom and dad, much to Gizbot's disdain.  We are cramping his style.

Notch and Duke are not affected by this....they are shameless snugglers!

Thanks for reading.  What have you been doing this winter?

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