Sunday, January 12, 2014

One Pot Smokey Mac N' Cheese #meatfree

I turned my go-to mac n cheese recipe into a trendy one-pot pasta recipe....yeah, it's officially hipster now.  I was craving homemade smokey mac n cheese, yet had no oven.....lemme explain.....

The one-pot pasta craze has set in; if you haven't tried it yet it's going to blow your mind!  No boiling a pot of draining pasta facials!  Just enough liquids are added with the dried pasta creating an al dente-cooked macaroni and a creamy, velvety sauce.  The smokey flavors are achieved by the use of canned fire-roasted tomatoes and smoked cheddar.  Both alone are amazing, together with pasta:  ta.die.for.

As you read this post, I am kicking back stateside; back in the good ol' USA!  Having just traveled 2000-ish miles Beverly Hillbillies-style  - complete with our gas grill, pet cages, and way too many suitcases (all wrapped in 3ml heavy duty contractor garbage bags *hillbilly* because of course, it was raining), all of this strategically stacked (stuffed) into the back of our truck -  S, Notch, Duke, Big Bird and I are giddy to be back east with friends and family.  Five days, 400 miles per day, and five complimentary hotel breakfasts later - from Regina, Saskatchewan to Warwick, Rhode Island - we survived without inflicting bodily harm onto each other.


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