Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Finds: Melona Bars

For this week's find, I am sharing our newest obsession:  Melona bars!!  Upon an unsuccessful search for peanut and tree nut-free popsicles (we were looking for the red/white/blue rocket pops to have on the 4th of July), S stumbled onto these gems.  They were food allergy friendly for him (ice cream and novelties are tricky in Canada - 98% of varieties in stores have the "may contain peanuts or tree nuts").  We first tried the banana flavored bars....THAT box lasted a mere 48 hrs.  What?  it was hot out that week, no judgy!  I guess you could say that banana was our "gateway" flavor; during the following week's grocery haul, S pranced his way to the checkout armed with banana, AND melon, AND mango (he really did prance).  

Friday's Finds:  Melona bars via Soliloquy Of Food & Such (

These can best be described as fruit and cream smoothies, frozen onto a stick.....think creamsicle - except, instead of the fruit on the outer layer and the cream in the middle - it's blended into one smooth consistency, a frozen stick of deliciousness!! Each flavor is SPOT ON!!  Yeah, we've tried them all....several times.

Friday's Finds:  Melona bars via Soliloquy Of Food & Such (

Although the packaging shows a green fleshed melon, which I always associate with being a honeydew variety, it tastes like cantaloupe!  I know what you're thinking....not your typical frozen pop's heaven on a stick, that is - if you like cantaloupe.....if not, go for banana, mango, or strawberry.  If we had to choose a favorite flavor, melon - hands down.  

Friday's Finds:  Melona bars via Soliloquy Of Food & Such (

I don't know if these are available throughout the US....I've read on-line that they are available in Hawaii - and have quite the following there; yet on the mainland, not so much.  A few people have had success finding them in Asian markets, as they originated in Korea - in fact, they are one of Korea's most popular frozen treats.  They have only just recently, in 2011, been made available up here in Canada.  

So, if you are planing a trip to either Hawaii, Canada, or Korea....look these up!!  

Friday's Finds:  Melona bars via Soliloquy Of Food & Such (

Melona is manufactured and exported by Binggrae.  For further information, or to find a store near you that carries these bars, visit their website at:

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  1. Very interesting Kim! A great find! I would definitely like to try some if I ever come across them in Jamaica.

  2. A great allergy friendly find. I know that's so hard. Thank you for sharing these creamy treats with my potluck readers.

  3. I've had a crush on the melon Melona bars for years! I'm hoping to figure out my own recipe for them some day! =D

    1. Well, you know one of the ingredients MUST be pureed liquified crack. Seriously, there should be an addiction warning on the label of these bad boys :) If you find a copycat recipe, please let me know!!

  4. I can eat the whole box in one sitting. Have not tried but I bet I can. They are so yummy!



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