Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Fruit Salad

Have you ever had a Cara Cara orange?  You know, the pink ones?  They are sooooo good.  These and Blood oranges are only available January through try one....I triple-dog dare-you (the coup de grace of all dares, the sinister triple-dog-dare!)

Doot-da-da-doot!!!  The fruit of the week in our house this week.......drum roll, please......yup, you guessed it.......the Cara Cara orange!

I make this fruit medley at the beginning of the week and we graze on it for the next 3 or 4 days.  Even S. (the notorious produce snob) enjoys it.

Now, I am not making supremes (SUE-PREMS) of the citrus,  per say.....(somewhere, Martha Stewart just got a chill)'s more of a modified version of this technique.  I remove the skin, the pith and the seeds....the membrane?......meh, not so much.  Just cut the top and bottom off the fruit, then along the contour of the fruit, cut down from top to bottom removing the skin and the pith in strips all the way around.  Now cut in half and pull out the large white pith in the core and cut each half into 4-6 slices.  If the slices have seeds remove them and trim any remaining pith if desired.

Do this with the oranges and grapefruit, hack open a pineapple, and slice up some kiwi fruit......

Psychotically layer them in a large bowl, just so (Martha Stewart just got her warm and fuzzy feeling back, if only for a few seconds).  

Juice 1/2 of a lime and toss.  

Boom!  Done.

Winter Fruit Salad

1 Golden Pineapple
5 Cara Cara Oranges
2 Pink Grapefruit, Medium Sized
6 Kiwi Fruit
1/2 Lime, optional

Cut/chop/slice fruit into a large bowl.  Toss with Lime juice if desired.  Store in an air tight container, keep refrigerated.  

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