Friday, December 28, 2012

Carla Emery's English Muffins

The Encyclopedia Of Country Living, by Carla Emery, was at one time my go-to guide for everything.  It is dubbed as an old fashioned recipe book, but is so much more.  In a time before Smartphones, Google and Pinterest, this book was IT for two suburbanites looking for backwoods-country living how-to's and encouragement.

When S. and I decided we were going to move North(!) into the woods of Maine(!!), and live a more simple primitive life, it turned out to be anything but simple.  Without the kindness and help from our friends and neighbors, and the instructions from Carla, I am not sure if we would have lasted as long as we did....just about 5 years.

These English Muffins were a staple in our house at the time.  They're quick and easy to make by hand (no electric appliances are needed) with very little kneading required, and are cooked on a stove top griddle.  If you have never made your own bread before, then this is where you should start.  Although the recipe calls for white flour, you can substitute your preferred choice.  I have made   50/50 white to whole wheat flour, 50/50 white and rye flour, and 100% whole wheat pastry flour in the past and have all come out very well.


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